Pint-Sized Trekker Scales Mount Everest at Just Four Years Old

An intrepid four-year-old has made her way into the record books as the youngest person to reach Mount Everest base camp.

Accompanied by her seven-year-old brother Saša and father David, young climber Zara Šifra achieved the remarkable feat of reaching base camp at 17,589 feet.

Dad David had to constantly check the blood oxygen levels of the two youngsters as they made their way up the mountain due to the low oxygen levels at altitude.

Image from Jam Press

Proud David told “Zara is for sure the youngest to carry out the climb. She didn’t have any support, she walked on her own.”

He said the young trekkers, who have Czech and Canadian citizenship, but live in Malaysia, acclimatised well and their good health and fitness saw them outpacing hundreds of other climbers on their trip.

Image from Jam Press. Pictured: Zara having her blood oxygen levels measured.

It took the party 18 days to reach Everest base camp from Jiri before they walked down the mountain, around 100 kilometres to Salleri. The young hikers climbed a total of 20,000 metres on the epic trip. 

David said Zara was a big hit with fellow trekkers who were regularly giving her gifts and cheering her on during their journey.

Image from Jam Press

Zara’s remarkable feat surpasses the achievement Prisha Lokesh Nikajoo, who reached Everest’s base camp at the age of five only last year and she could find herself in the Guinness Book of Records.