Teen Inventor Becomes an Internet Sensation with his Tiny Snow Ploughs… for Crocs

A 16-year-old entrepreneur claims he has raked in £120,000 after designing tiny snow ploughs for ‘Crocs’.

New Yorker Michael Satterlee has created the yellow contraption that attaches to the famous shoes on a 3D printer, and he says they are flying out the door.

Image from Jam Press

The teenager, who has been dabbling in innovative creations since the age of 10, showcased his unique product on Instagram (@solefullydesigns) and has become a social media sensation with more than 65 million views.

The tiny snow ploughs are retailing for £5.50 or $6.99 and student Michael has sold $150,000 (£120,000) worth so far.

Michael told http://NeedToKnow.co.uk: “With an idle 3D printer at home and a love for Crocs, I thought why not create something unique for them. I just genuinely love the feeling of seeing my product being used.

Michael said that his quirky invention the ‘Snow Plow Crocs’ combined function and fashion perfectly and they were pretty efficient has clearing snow.

“They’re not just funny; they can clear any amount of snow in your path.”

Image from Jam Press

Michael shows his followers on Instagram how to attach the gadget and how they work as he walks through the snow. Michael has blown up the social media platform with more than one million likes and more than 11,000 comments.

Michael’s followers loved his invention. Andi said: “NEED THESEEEEE!!!!” [sic]. And Anna wrote: “Might be needing some of these.”