Beauty Influencer Reveals Her £4 DIY Botox… Using Flaxseed

Beauty influencer has revealed her homemade budget botox… using flaxseed.

Lisa Baisl has gone viral with her DIY botox concoction that is made solely from flaxseed and costs just £3.95 ($5).

Image from Jam Press

The botox facemask has blown up social media for the 30-year-ol digital creator and self-proclaimed ‘skinfluencer’.

Lisa, from New York, found the skincare hack online and decided to put it to the test as an affordable alternative to botox injections. She has been using the mask two to three times a week for two months and claims to have noticed remarkable differences. Lisa’s Instagram video showcasing how to make the budget botox has gone viral with four million views, 70,000 likes and more than 500 comments.

Preparation of the gloopy mask takes 30 minutes. Half a cup of flaxseeds are boiled in three cups of water until they thicken and then Lisa strains them through some cheesecloth. The liquid that is left is what is applied to the face and left for 20 to 30 minutes. Remarkably the substance dries hard on the face and makes it difficult to move the facial muscles. She said the face does feel number for a short while, but not like a botox application.

She said: “It does not work like Botox to prevent muscles from contracting, as that is a long-term solution lasting about six months.”

Image from Jam Press

Lisa said that the fatty acids in the flaxseed were anti-inflammatory, helped the skin to glow and increased hydration in the skin. She said she had noticed her face was less red and she had a more glowing complexion after using this natural mask regularly over two month period.

She said: “The mask should be applied multiple times for best results, but even after one application, you will notice an immediate glow.

Fans expressed their eagerness to try the DIY Botox alternative and some even claimed it was better than the real thing.

Mehreen said: “Can’t wait to try this.”

Arianis said: “Better than Botox.”

Another fan said: “YESSSS best mask ever!! Try on your hair and chest as well.”

In 2019, a report form the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) advised that ingesting too much flaxseed could lead to cyanide poisoning. This is because flaxseed contains a compound that can create cyanide if it is ground or crushed. But studies have shown that a person would have to consume a whole kilo of flaxseed for it to have this effect. Anyone using homemade products like this should be mindful of this and take caution.