$100,000 Man Cave Unveiled on TikTok

A man has splashed out $100,000 to create the ultimate man cave in the basement of his home in Toronto, Canada.

Hussain revealed his dream male sanctuary, complete with a movie theatre poker table, gaming area and giant TV, on TikTok.

Image from Jam Press

The crazy man pad has gone viral on social media, clocking up more than eight million views on TikTok (@gamesroomtheater).

Tech worker Hussain said he was bored with the old look of his basement and wanted to create something cool for him and his friends, so he has spent $10,000 ($59,200) on his 1,750 sq ft cave, but he plans to do even more to his private games club.

Image from Jam Press

The man cave can comfortably hold 20 people, but Hussain said he had hosted 60 in the space.

He told NeedToKnow.co.uk: “There are TVs, projectors, PCs etc, everything you need for the ultimate gaming room.

“Any first-time visitors usually comment that it is breathtaking, and to be honest, I have the same feeling and I live here!”

The basement is on two levels. On the first level, Hussain has filled the room with a poker table, golf mat, ping pong table, two large screens, six huge gaming chairs and it even has a fog machine. Another set of stairs takes guests down to a private movie theatre which has a huge cinema screen and big comfy red leather chairs.

Image from Jam Press

He said the cost of running the room was minimal as he had everything connected to smart switches and sensors, so if his kids did not turn off any of the games, they automatically shut down after 30 minutes no-one using them.

Image from Jam Press

“I am at capacity, however will be getting rid of things to make way for new bits, such as a racing rig coming soon!”

Image from Jam Press – the basement before the transformation.

Hussain has had an amazing response to his video on social media. One fan said: “Please adopt me and my son.”