‘Frozen in Time’ Cinema Discovered – with Popcorn, Movie Posters and Arcade Games All Still Inside

A social media influencer who explores abandoned buildings and shares them on his TikTok account has uncovered a deserted and untouched old cinema.

The forgotten intimate movie theatre was found by the explorer known as Decaying Midwest by his social following – complete with uneaten popcorn, chocolate bars, old movie posters and arcade games.

Decaying Midwest revealed his spooky findings to his 1.1M TikTok followers, (@decayingmidwest) and the clip generated more than three million views and 208,000 likes.

He films the deserted entrance before showing followers a rusted drinks machine, rubbish on the floor and old candy stands.

In the theatres there are eerily empty seats and abandoned projectors. One room includes boxes of left behind sweets, which are filled to the brim as if they are ready to be sold. The slushy machines were even full and still worked.

Photo: Jam Press

Lastly, he revealed a movie poster for the film The Invisible Man, which was the last showing before the cinema closed its doors for good in around 2020.

“The movie theatre felt like it was frozen in time,” the content creator, from Chicago, Illinois, US, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“The golden lenses and popcorn still left behind. “It was a victim of the 2020 pandemic and sadly, it never recovered.”

Photo: Jam Press

The explorers followers scrambled to comment on the findings.

Sly commented: “Abandoned theatres always a cool time capsule type vibe, literally takes you to a time period of whatever movie posters are inside.”

Rachel said: “The snacks probs aren’t even expired.” [sic]

Sydney wrote: “I hope there’s a historian somewhere out there documenting everything we lost in the pandemic.”