Exclusive McDonald’s Collector’s Item: Vintage Plastic Straws from 2016 Available at a Price

A set of extremely rare McDonald’s plastic straws from 2016 are up for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

The bold seller is hoping to fetch a whopping £855 for this nostalgic piece of fast-food history.

Originally priced at £950, the price of the straws has been slashed in a bid to find a willing buyer.

Image from Jam Press

These particular plastic straws hail from an era long gone, three years before McDonald’s made the eco-conscious decision to switch to paper alternatives in an effort to become more environmentally friendly.

While the move was applauded by many, it wasn’t universally embraced, leading to a vocal group of customers expressing their displeasure, particularly around the new paper versions turning soggy in drinks.

The listing, found in Edmonton, north London, provides a humorous touch, describing the straws as “Super rare plastic McDonald’s straw from 2016. Pre-Covid, pre-the world turning to s*it. Got a bunch in stock. I know what I got, no lowball offers.”

Image from Jam Press

The seller seems to be capitalising on the nostalgia associated with the pre-pandemic era, emphasizing the uniqueness of these vintage items.