Rescuers Battle to Save Seal Pup Buried Alive in Coastal Sea Defences

A young grey seal pup has been saved from near death after getting trapped in coastal sea defences and buried to its neck in sand.

The seal was spotted by a passer by who called in a specialist seal rescue team to save the adorable pup.

The baby seal was discovered trapped in the sea defences on Waxham Beach in Norfolk, UK – a common place for seals to get stuck due to the rising tides.

Renowned local rescue organisation Friends of Horsey Seals came to the rescue and dug out the terrified seal who could have drowned if he had not been spotted and extricated from the precarious spot.

Photo from Jam Press

A spokesperson for Friends of Horsey Seals said: “This is what our rescue team has been tirelessly engaged in over the past few days – a young grey seal pup stuck in the rocks and buried in sand.

“With spades at the ready and sheer determination, the team successfully executed the rescue at Waxham, a notorious spot for seal entrapment as the tide reaches high up to the sea wall.

“Today’s successful rescue is a testament to the dedication of our team.”

Photo from Jam Press

Locals praised the trio of rescuers for their work to free the trapped baby seal.

Valarie Coatsworth said: “Well done everyone and thanks for rescuing this poor guy. Hope he has a long, happy and healthy life.”

Karen Barkell echoed the sentiment, saying, “Thank you for rescuing him. What a fantastic job you all do.”

Lisa Southerwood added: “Blimey he was in deep. Thank goodness he was spotted. Well done to all of you for getting him out safely.”