Woman Reveals Spooky “Ghost” Sighting in Historic Cemetery on Google Maps

A woman believes she has found a “ghost” on Google Maps at a notorious historical and haunted cemetery.

Amy Pendleton made the spooky discovery while taking a virtual stroll by Gilson Cemetery in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Image from Jam Press

Amy shared her eerie encounter in a TikTok video where she tells her followers “I think I have found a ghost”. As she directs attention to a pair of dry-stone walls a mysterious figure emerges. Zooming in, she reveals what appears to be the head and torso of a middle-aged man, positioned just above the walls amid the foliage of a tree.

Local reports indicate that Gilson Cemetery has a history of paranormal sightings, including ghostly figures, glowing lights, strange orbs, and unexplained fog. Some accounts describe encounters with a woman in a white dress and even a wandering baby within the cemetery.

Image from Jam Press

Some visitors have reported screams and the feeling of being pushed during trips to the spooky spot.

The clip has sparked a flurry of comments, with some reporting their own experiences of paranormal activity in the vicinity.

Image from Jam Press

One commentator, Chuck, said: “That’s what they call the grave keeper. He’s very fast. I have many years of evidence here.”