James Bond-Style Sports Cars Spotted Driving on Water

Eat your heart out James Bond! A sports car that can drive on water has been spotted tearing up the waves at several trendy coastal spots.

The 007-style Vehigh ‘sea car’ was spotted hitting 60mph cruising along the Brazilian coast.

Image from Jam Press

The £60,000 car has been manufactured by the US company Seacar.

The Vehigh has been turning heads and breaking the internet as red and white models were seen cruising along the shores of Caixa d’Aço, Santa Catarina State over Christmas.

In a video from social media, a vibrant red Vehigh effortlessly glides onto the beach, pulling up next to its white counterpart. Other footage shows them parked up in front of luxury yachts. The pair of water cars also made a splash by wowing visitors to the Foz International Boat Show in Itajaí, Santa Catarina State.

Image from Jam Press

One enthusiastic local exclaimed, “I’m going to buy a red one!”

James Góes, a director of Seacar, said that driving the Vehigh was an amazing experience and he believed that this new nautical concept in Brazil would cater to those who craved water-based adventures and adrenaline rushes.

He said: “The sea car was designed to provide excellent navigability, both in calm waters and in the water.”

The Vehigh is powered by a 200 hp engine and constructed from cutting-edge graphene fiber, seamlessly blending luxury, elegance, and high performance.