Taylor Swift Fans Cause Post Concert Chaos for Top Football Club

Taylor Swift fans have caused chaos for a Brazilian football club after leaving millions of tiny bracelet beads after her stadium gig.

A clean up team are pictured painstakingly combing the turf for debris left behind by the pop icon’s fan – Swifties – after the concert at the Allianz Parque Stadium in São Paulo, Brazil.

Braving the rain, more than a dozen workers are working meticulously to clear the turf at the home of the hugely popular and Série A champions Palmeiras.

Image from Jam Press

The bracelet beads are part of a widely recognized tradition among Swifties, who trade friendship bracelets at gigs.

Inspired by the singer’s 2022 hit ‘You’re On Your Own, Kid,’ with lyrics encouraging fans to “make the friendship bracelets,” concert-goers often make these sentimental trinkets at home with ceramic, lettered, or colored beads, exchanging them with fellow Swifties during shows.

Palmeiras coach, Abel Ferreira, expressed his frustration at the aftermath of the gig during a press conference.

He said: “What we can’t have is a field like it was just now. Go outside and see the amount of little things from the Taylor Swift show.”

In response to the post-concert devastation, stadium management mobilized a team of workers to manually remove the tiny beads one by one.

A video clip of the cleanup effort shared on social media generated more than 675,700 views and 12,000 likes.

Social media follower Lucas jokingly commented: “Taylor Swift creating jobs.”

Another quipped: “Taylor lent them the stadium for them to play football, and they still complain.”

Claire expressed doubt about the thoroughness of the cleanup, she said: “I doubt they can remove everything; I’m still finding some here in my room even today.”

Giovana suggested a more efficient method, writing: “Oh my God, all they had to do was use a hoover.”