Terrified Homeowner Spots Goblin Perched in a Tree in His Garden

A terrified man spotted what he described as a goblin sitting on a tree outside his home.

The man who calls himself La Bruja, which translates as ‘The Witch’, filmed the disturbing moment he saw the eerie figure sitting in the fork of the branches in the garden of his home in Costa Rica.

La Bruja shared the video to TikTok asking people if they could see what he could see too. On the video he can be heard saying “I know I am not going crazy…”

The goblin was sitting and staring back at the terrified homeowner. When he went downstairs to try to get closer, the scary visitor has disappeared.

La Bruja’s video, which his titled “Goblins in my garden” immediately went viral with more than 3 million views.

Image from Jam Press

Another local resident took to the comments and reassured La Bruja that he was not going crazy as he had seen one in his garden too. Carmen said she had seen one exactly the same too more than 11 years ago.

One person said that goblins were smaller and cannot be seen so easily. He said: “You would see them as a small shadow.”

Andrew shot down any suggestions that it was a goblin he said it was a potoo or ghost bird, which is similar to an owl with yellow eyes.