Goblin Spotted by TV Crew on the Streets of Mexico

A TV crew were left stunned after a ‘goblin’ emerged from a drain.

Mexican TV presenter Liz Villarreal caught the moment the strange figure popped out the of the sewers while filming a different segment for her Instagram following.

The goblin-like figure disappears when it realises it is being watched by the shocked crew in the centre of Monterrey in Mexico.

Image from Jam Press

The TV station’s weather man Nelson Valdez confirmed what Liz Villarreal had seen while she was out filming. He said the little creature was definitely not a rat or a possum as it was wearing a pointed hat.

There was a mixed response on social media. One local said it was common knowledge that there were goblins in the tunnels in the centre of Monterrey. He said that Christians created tunnels under the city to secretly move around and they left treasure there. He said an Orthodox priest created the goblins to guard the riches.

Another said he was sure it was a homeless person seeking protection from the cold weather. Roberto said he thought it was a giant sewer rat.