Child Dumped on Busy Road as Unsecured Inflatable Takes Off

Youngsters at a party had a lucky escape went their huge inflatable was blown into a busy road.

A massive gust of wind took hold of the inflatable slide and blew it out of a garden and into oncoming traffic on a main road in Kuwait.

One child was dumped on the pavement as the inflatable took flight and another landed in the road as it made its way across the central reservation. The little boy ran to the safety of the pavement and was narrowly missed by oncoming cars. Luckily both children were unhurt in the terrifying incident.

Image from Jam Press

Video footage show cars narrowly missing the runaway slide before it finally comes to a halt when a billboard and lamppost block its path.

Concerned locals took to social media when they saw the footage. One said: “A natural result for someone whose only concern in life is seeking bargains and has never thought about quality.”

Another responded by saying that it was nothing to do with the quality, it was the fact they hadn’t secured it to the ground properly.

Abdulrahman commented: “Thank God for their safety.”