Your Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids, with their intricate design and rich history dating back to 430 BCE, have made a significant resurgence in recent years. Their versatility and the ease of learning the technique have made them a popular choice for those seeking a stylish and quick way to transform their hair. With numerous variations available, fishtail braids can be adapted to suit various occasions, ranging from formal events to casual outings.

However, there are a couple of circumstances where this type of braid may not be the best option. For individuals with shorter layers or more conservative style preferences, the fishtail braid may not be the ideal choice.

Crafting a Fishtail Braid

Step 1: Begin the Process

Apply volume-enhancing product to your hair roots and the rest of your hair. Separate your hair into two equal sections, either by dividing your head in half or splitting your ponytail in two. Name one side A and the other side B.

Take a small hair section from side A along the hairline, cross it over and combine it with side B, making sure to maintain two distinct sections as you progress.

Step 2: Mirror the Process on Side B

Take a small section of hair from side B, following the hairline. Cross it over and merge it with side A. Continue to maintain two separate sections as you work on your braid.

Step 3: Repeat Side A Steps

Return to side A and repeat the process. Take another small hair section from side A along the hairline, cross it over and merge it with side B.

Step 4: Repeat Side B Steps

Go back to side B, grab another small hair section along the hairline, cross it over, and blend it with side A.

Step 5: Secure the Braid

Keep repeating the steps until you reach the braid’s end and have no hair left to cross over. Secure the braid with an elastic at the end. You can leave the braid as is or use your fingers to gently pull apart the braid, making it fuller as desired. Pulling the braid apart from side to side creates a more natural, “messy” look. Apply pomade or gel to help maintain the braid’s neat or messy appearance.