Wiggly Bike Lane Mystery Baffles Locals

Locals are stumped after they woke up to find bike lanes had been turned into a series of wiggly lines.

The road markings appeared on the Via Verdes (green way) Odiel-Tharsis – a disused railway that is being transformed into a bike and hiking route – between Huelva and Gibraleón in southern Spain.

Baffled locals are asking if the workers were drunk when they painted the lines on the new cycle way, which is due to open in the first half of this year.

The local council is yet to provide an official explanation for the wavy cycle lanes.

Image from Jam Press

The Greenways route is part of 3,300 kilometres of disused railway infrastructure that have been converted into cycle and hiking routes as part of the Greenways Programme, run by the Spanish Railways Foundation.

One local said: “I’ve never seen anything like it. Was the painter drunk?”

Francisco joked: “Whoever painted it must have had a lot of problems with wind that day.”