Tourists Shock Passengers at Thai Airport Wearing Nothing But Skimpy Swim Trunks

Two scantily clad holidaymakers, wearing nothing but their tiny swim trunks at a Thai airport, have sparked outrage.

Locals are upset at the inappropriate dress of the two tourists as they loaded their luggage trollies in Phuket Airport in their budgie smugglers, with one taking to social media to say that it is “not OK”.

Image from Jam Press

It is not known where the two men, who were wearing just tiny swim trunks, flip flops and one had some kind of man bag slung over his shoulders, were from.

The incident comes just days after two Australian tourists were found sunbathing at the Wat Chiang Man temple in northern Thailand. There a local Buddhist monk said it was a clash of cultures and a lack of respect for their traditions.

One person commented on social media: “Can only hope they get denied boarding at the gate.”

Another local commented: “It’s inappropriate.

Brian wrote: “Nope, not okay. And definitely not in those tiny Speedo things.”

Patrick joked: “As you can see, nothing to declare.”

Image from Jam Press

In Bali, holidaymakers arriving on the paradise island are given a list of dos and don’ts so they are away of local culture, traditions and appropriate behaviour. Authorities turfed out 200 foreign tourists from the island last year for inappropriate behaviour.