Parents Hold Up Flight for Three Hours Demanding their Child is Upgraded to First Class for Free

A couple living it up in First Class held up a flight for three hours demanding their young child be upgraded from economy.

The tight-fisted parents had booked their two-year-old child into economy and the scandal only came to light when the youngster started sobbing next to another passenger.

The father demanded the child be allowed to join them in First Class at no extra cost on the flight from Beijing, China to Chengdu, which was eventually cancelled due to the incident.

Image from Jam Press

A passenger filmed the furious father kicking off at cabin crew, security guards and other passengers as they tried to reason with the man.

The row with staff started at 11am and the man was finally removed from the flight at 2pm. By that time, the flight had been cancelled and 300 furious fellow passengers were forced to rebook their flights.

When the video hit social media someone who was on the flight commented: “I’m on this flight. There are students crying anxiously as they rush for exams the next day. There are couples heading home for marriage, and others travelling with organised tours, their plans disrupted.”

One passenger was angry the airline had not acknowledged what had happened and said the cancellation had been due to weather conditions.