Apologetic Traveller Returns Stolen Blanket to Hotel… 30 Years After His Stay

A hotel guest who stole a blanket from a Brazilian hotel three decades ago has returned it with a heartfelt apology letter.

He took the blanket from Hotel Fraiburgo in Santa Catarina back in July 1993 so he and his girlfriend could use it on their travels across the country.

The man, who remains anonymous, revisited the hotel last week to hand back the stolen goods along with a note apologising and explaining why he had taken it.

Stunned hotel staff found the blanket and letter, in which the thief told how he had used it to keep warm on a road trip across Brazil when he had very little money.

Image from Jam Press

He addressed the note to the hotel management, saying that he was extremely pleased to return the blanket, but also remorseful and shameful of what he had done all those years ago. He said he wanted to right the wrongs from his youth.

The man, who said he was from Joinville in Santa Catarina but did not disclose his name, said: “I’m very sorry for the damage caused. I ask for forgiveness.”

The hotel, which still uses the same blankets to this day, plans to showcase the blanket and the note in a display case so other guests can learn all about its fascinating journey – a unique part of the hotel’s history.