Airbnb Hosts Gets Creative with Accommodation Offer… Tents in His Living Room

An entrepreneurial Londoner has offered a solution to the capital’s extortionate rental prices… tents in his living room.

The Airbnb host’s bizarre offering will set visitors back £68 a night to stay in one of three tents in the apartment’s living room, but there are discounts for longer term stays. The owner said the price could drop to £38 a night – £1,140 for a month’s stay.

Image from Jam Press

The inventive rental opportunity, which is described on Airbnb as “romantic tents”, is located in the heart of London, between Mayfair and Convent Garden. The exact location is revealed once the tents have been booked.

If more than one tent is being used, guests have to share a bathroom with other visitors. Other shared amenities include the kitchen, washing machine, WiFi, a workspace, air conditioning and a hairdryer.

The “tent near the tube” has been a hit with many guests who are grateful for the affordable accommodation, and it currently holds a rating of 4.45 stars. The average rent in London last year was £2,501 per month, so this is an affordable option for many.  

Image from Jam Press

But some have had issues with their tent neighbours. One guest, who only rated the accommodation with three stars, said that the communal toilet was dirty and other people in the apartment made too much noise. He said: “For 1 or 2 nights we recommend because it’s pretty decent, but no more [sic].”

Though the host did apologise saying that during Christmas and New Year some of his cleaners were on holiday and he promised to do better to improve the services.

One guest rated the accommodation with four stars and said: “Not pretentious accommodation in a very central area, perfect for a short stay. Excellent communication with the host [sic].”

Overall there are mixed thoughts about unique accommodation opportunity.