7 Tips to Beating Airport Anxiety

With Easter fast approaching, many of us will be heading to the airport to jet off somewhere nice for the break. But for lots, the mere thought of navigating the car parks, queues, security checks, fears of missing a flight, crowds of people and the labyrinth of corridors in an airport can be completely overwhelming and trigger a wave of serious anxiety. That is before they have even set foot on the plane.

There is no getting away from all of these external factors and during Easter airports will be busier than ever. But adopting some coping strategies can help to make the airport part of the holiday an easier experience.

Here are seven tips to help get you through the airport and on to the plane:

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

y recognising that your apprehension is valid and that you are not alone as hundreds of people around you will be having similar feelings can really can help.

    2. Give Yourself Time

    Embrace the mantra of preparedness. Allocate extra time to contend with unforeseen circumstances like long queues or technical glitches. Arriving early and planning for potential delays can allay the stress of time constraints and make things more releaxed.

    3. Prepare Your Luggage

    Avoid check-in snags by ensuring your baggage meets airline requirements. There is nothing more stressful than waiting to check in your baggage and worrying that it might not get past the scales because it is too heavy. Consider investing in a luggage scale for added peace of mind.

    4. Dress for Comfort

    There is nothing worse than being dressed for the cold climate you are going to but sweating it out as you go through the airport because the heating is on. Layers are the answer to cope with the fluctuating temperatures from the car to the airport security and from departures to the plane. Overheating will just add to your anxiety.  

    5. Practice Deep Breathing

    Amid the airport bustle, deep breathing exercises may help. Inhale slowly through the nose, exhale through the mouth—calming the nerves one breath at a time.

    6. Distract Yourself

    Engage your mind to stave off anxiety. Immerse yourself in a captivating podcast or lose yourself in your favourite tunes to redirect your focus to something more positive and away from the environment around you.

    7. Communication is Key

    If you are travelling with a companion, open up about your anxieties. Sharing experiences and seeking emotional support can provide much-needed reassurance to get your through the chaos and on to that plane.

    Navigating airport anxiety requires a combination of preparedness and self-care. By embracing these strategies, you can embark on your journey with a sense of calm and confidence, and start your holiday in really positive state.