Woman’s Miraculous Escape as Car Hangs Perilously from Car Park

A woman has had a miraculous escape as her car teeterd over the edge of a third-floor car park.

The mother, from Rionegro in Colombia, was reversing into the parking spot in her apartment building when her gearbox stuck and she smashed through the car park wall.

Image from Jam Press

Frightening photographs show the woman’s white Mazda 6 hanging over the edge, but remarkably she escaped without injury. Firefighters rushed to the scene and used a winch to secure to car, moving it out of danger on the first floor.

In a lucky twist of fate, the woman had taken her sleeping daughter who was in the back seat into her apartment just moments before parking her car.

Image from Jam Press

The vehicle careering through the car park wall saw debris falling into the pool area below, but luckily no-one was hurt.

Local reports suggest that the parking facility may have been constructed prior to 2010, the year when legislation mandated the reinforcement of multi-storey car park walls to better absorb impacts.