Woman Claims Hospital is Haunted as ‘Ghost’ Pushes Bed Down Corridor

An Argentinian woman claims a ‘ghost’ pushed a bed past her in a hospital corridor.

The terrified woman, who calls herself La Moni, was left stunned and speechless as the bed moved past her with no-one pushing it.

Image from Jam Press

La Moni’s video, which was filmed in San Martin Hospital in La Plata, near Buenos Aires, Argentina, shows the bed bang into the wall as it makes its way down the passage and past her. Eerily, she said the corridor was extremely close to the morgue. 

La Moni posted her scary footage on Tik Tok and already has 2.7 million views and generated more than 7,000 comments. La Moni also did a second video to prove that floors of the corridor were level. 

Image from Jam Press

She said: “It makes your hair stand on end.” 

One follower, Nelly, said: “The supernatural is real. I work in a morgue sometimes, and a colleague had their ear blown on.” 

Camí confirmed that she knew the exact corridor and the floor was not sloping. 

One follower said that she could see a shadow of a ghost.  

But one local woman rebutted the claims, writing: “I’ve worked there, and that corridor slopes.” 

San Martin hospital has not commented on the video or the claims from La Moni.