Weather Forces Schedule Adjustments in Western North Carolina Schools

In response to anticipated adverse weather conditions, several school districts in Western North Carolina have adjusted their schedules for December 19. The alterations come in light of the forecasted freezing temperatures and the potential onset of winter weather.

Madison County Schools declared closure for Tuesday, citing inclement weather. Additionally, they specified that it would serve as an optional workday for teachers. Mitchell County Schools followed suit, announcing closure for the same day, designating it as a Schedule 2 Workday for staff members.

Meanwhile, Buncombe County Schools opted for a two-hour delay in their Tuesday schedule. This decision stems from concerns over high winds, possible roadway debris, snow flurries, and expected freezing temperatures.

Individuals seeking the latest updates on closures and delays can access the Closings section on the concerned website for comprehensive information. As the region braces for inclement weather, these adjustments aim to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff within these school districts.