Urban Explorer Discovers Haunted Mental Asylum

An urban explorer has revealed the inside of what is thought to be one of the most haunted buildings in Canada.

Dave, known as Freaktography, has released exclusive photos of the inside of the abandoned asylum in Ontario with the words ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Redrum’ painted on the walls ‘in blood’.

Image from Jam Press

Dave revealed his findings from The Hamilton Asylum for the Insane on his YouTube channel and his video has generated more than 11,000 views.

The Century Manor, which is the only building of the whole Hamilton Asylum estate that remains perched on the mountainside, was built in 1884. It was originally used for alcoholics before it was turned into a space for the mentally disturbed.

Dave has uncovered the words Redrum, famous from the Jack Nicholson horror movie The Shining, and Lucifer written on the walls of the deserted house in what is thought to be blood. He also found a satanic pentagram, again drawn in what he thought was blood, surrounded by burnt out candles.

Image from Jam Press

Dave told http://www.whatsthejam.com all about his creepy findings. He said that he had discovered the asylum was a village in itself in its day. It had its own farm providing necessary food – cattle, chickens, and pigs, as well as fruits and vegetables. It also had its own butcher, bakery, tailor, sewing room, upholstery shop, greenhouse, root cellar, milk-processing house, fire hall, powerhouse, a fleet of vehicles, tennis courts, skating and curling rinks, a bowling green, and its own chapel.

Image from Jam Press

The hospital has had several names. It was renamed the Ontario Hospital in 1929 and then it changed again in 1968 to the Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital. It was famous in the area as a training facility for nurses, with more than 240 nurses graduating from there before it closed in 1995.