Uninvited Guest: Mischievous Bear Hunkers Down for the Winter Under Family Home

A cheeky bear has been found setting up his home for hibernation beneath a Canadian family’s home.

The family, who live on Vancouver Island, were alerted to their unexpected guest after weeks of unusual behaviour from the family dog Coco.

Homeowner Crystal Weaver said became aware of their large, furry lodger after weeks of Coco pacing the garden and incessantly barking at what seemed like nothing.

The family finally decided to investigate when they heard strange noises from beneath their home.

Crystal said Coco had the reputation for being a bit silly, so they dismissed her constant barking for a while.

Finally, Crystal’s husband crawled under the decking to inspect the source of the commotion to see the bear making preparations for hibernation.

Image from Jam Press

She said: “He got out of there extremely quick. Our anxiety was pretty high because you definitely don’t want a bear living under your house.”

The weaver family contacted the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service to help get rid of their cheeky intruder.

Using loud noises, the officer successfully scared the bear away.

Crystal said: “There are lots of places for the bear to go; he just needs to move further down the river.”

The family documented the whole affair on their TikTok channel, where it quickly went viral with more than four million view and thousands of comments.

One follower joked: “He knows he has squatters rights, he’ll be fine.”