Stowaway Snake Shocks Factory Workers Hidden in a Tomato Delivery  

A stowaway poisonous snake shocked workers at a distribution centre when it slithered out of a box of tomatoes.

The venomous snake made its way more than 2,000 miles from Mexico to the distribution centre in Ontario, Canada much to the surprise of factory workers unpacking the delivery.

Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) came to the rescue of the orange and brown Northern Cat-Eyed snake, which his usually found in North and Central America.

TWC said that a food terminal worker called Troy found the surprise guest inside a box of tomatillos that had been shipped 2.116 from Mexico.

Image from Jam Press

A TWC spokesperson said that Troy reported the finding of the displaced reptile on their Wildlife Hotline. The brave worker placed the snake in a box and delivered him safely to TWC, which his a registered charity.

“Although the veterinary team confirmed the snake was in good health, he was still a long way from home. Our team is currently working on a plan to return this accidental traveller back to his native environment,” the spokesman said.

Until he is returned to his homeland, the snake will be looked after by TWC in a temperature and humidity-controlled enclosure with heat lamps and protein-packed food.