Shower of Cash Spotted Raining Off Apartment Block Terrace  

It was raining money for residents in one apartment block when thousands of bank notes were thrown off a balcony by a man in a fit of rage.

The man, who was thought to be rowing with his family, hurled £45,000 in cash from is flat in Zhaoqing, China.

Image from Jam Press

Shocked residents saw thousands of notes drifting past their window and landing on their terraces and the street below.

Police officers were quick to respond and cordon off the area so the yuan notes could be collected before locals could swipe the cash for themselves.

A nearby shop owner said: “I saw it, it’s true. I don’t know the reason, and I didn’t pick it up. No one dared to pick it up, who would dare?”

Image from Jam Press

The following day, police in Guangning County confirmed that the cash was legal tender and not play money, as speculated by some locals, and that he thrown £45,000 due to “emotional fluctuations caused by family matters.”