Santa’s Sleigh Seized in Christmas Traffic Drama

A vehicle masquerading as Santa’s sleigh was apprehended by bemused traffic police in Salvador, Brazil on Christmas Eve after the ‘Santa’ refused a breath test.

The festive ride, reportedly laden with presents and being pulled by illuminated reindeer, was flagged down at a routine checkpoint when officers noticed the vehicle didn’t have visible number plates.

The driver has not been officially identified, but onlookers who were filming the whole thing claimed it was none other than “Father Christmas”. Authorities are reporting the festive figure refused to take a breath test.

Captured on video by a bystander, the surreal scene shows the “sleigh” pulled over alongside a police pickup truck, all set against a backdrop of flashing lights and traffic cones. The illuminated vehicle, designed to mimic Santa’s sleigh, gives the illusion of being pulled by a team of reindeer.

Refusing a breath test is not considered a criminal offense under local law so the driver managed to evade arrest after the Christmas caper.

Nevertheless, local reports suggest that the driver may face a hefty fine of nearly £500 for violating traffic regulations, a year-long driving ban and the confiscation of his driver’s license.