Runaway Pup Fudge Survives Alone in Forest for Three Months

Brave Terrier pup Fudge has survived alone in a forest for an incredible three months. The courageous pooch escaped a foster home after he had been rescued from a slaughterhouse in Belarus by an animal rights group.

A forever home had been found for the 20-month-old pup, but the gutsy canine escaped his foster home before he could get to his new family in North Frisia. He has spent three months on the run between the forests in Germany and Denmark, covering hundreds of miles before he was saved.

Luckily for Fudge, he was being tracked by volunteers of the animal rights group K-9 Tiersuche Nord and another organisation in Denmark.

The groups spent three months trying to capture the intrepid dog, but they eventually caught up with him in Denmark.

K-9 Tiersuche Nord spokesperson Stefan Bargmann, said: “He was in good health and was well fed. We were told that he was always out and about in a Danish village where he was regularly fed, also helping himself to scraps from bins and food left out for hedgehogs.”

The family who had originally committed to adopt fearless Fudge said they no longer wanted to keep him after he escaped during the handover.

Fudge is being kept at an animal shelter in Flensburg in Germany while they try to find him a new home.

Fudge at the animal shelter in Flensburg.

Bargmann said the pooch’s tough start to life had made him nervous with humans and it was really important to find a loving family home for him.

Bargmann said: “We are looking for a person who can finally give him a safe home, someone who has experience with fearful dogs and a lot of patience. He has never snapped at a person and is very friendly with other dogs.”

The shelter stopped re-homing dogs over the Christmas period in a bid to discourage families from taking animals for Christmas presents. They are hoping to find Fudge a new home when the shelter reopens on January 3.