Rescue Pup Becomes Internet Sensation with Special Selfie

A rescue dog has become an internet sensation after it was revealed she was born with a selfie on her ear.

Pitbull terrier mix Lucy, who was born in a shelter in Clarksville, Tennessee, has a portrait of herself on her left ear.

Image from Jam Press

Lucy’s owner Cassidy Johnson took the pooch home in 2017, but it wasn’t until a while later that the special markings were spotted.

Cassidy, aged 26, said they only noticed the ‘self portrait’ when they took their fur baby to a pet store and one of the store workers pointed out.

Since then, stay at home mum Cassidy told that Lucy had become a social media star with more than 10,000 followers on Instagram and several viral videos. Fans describe her as “incredible” and “adorable”.

Image from Jam Press

Lucy was born in the shelter after her pregnant mum was rescued off the streets.

One fan commented: “Oh my goodness soooo beautiful I never saw anything like that.” [sic]

 “Best selfie ever,” said another follower.