Realty TV Star and Lottery Fanatic Reveals Secret to Over 50 Jackpot Wins

Former Big Brother Brazil star Paulinha Leite claims to have won the lottery more than 50 times due to her belief in winning and a special number.

Paulinha, who is a reality TV star turned influencer with a massive following of 841,000, says she has won the lottery jackpot a remarkable 50 times.

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The 36-year-old believes she has cracked the code to winning, attributing her success to the confidence of believing she is going to win and a special number.

While Paulinha may not have won the 11th series of Big Brother Brazil, her fortunes seem to have taken a turn for the better playing the lottery.

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The influencer is living a lavish lifestyle thanks to her lottery wins and she says some of the jackpots have been £50,000. But she insists that her success is no stroke of luck, but a result of her keen eye for “magic numbers.”

According to Paulinha, the key to securing victory is her mindset of “playing to win.”

Drawing on her experience, she emphasizes the importance of remaining positive before the results are announced, a practice that she claims has consistently yielded success for her.

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Paulinha started her winning streak early when she struck gold in the sweepstakes as a youngster.

She says she is extra vigilant when it comes to everyday numbers like birthdays, telephone numbers and addresses that might give her a sign.

Additionally, she attributes part of her success to her unwavering belief in a lucky number: four.