Real Life Giant Causes a Stir on Socials

A 7’5” mechanic affectionately known online as the ‘gentle giant’ has gone viral sharing his daily height challenges.

Leonel Campas, who has a rare health condition that makes him excessively tall, has become a TikTok sensation sharing his life as a living giant.

Image from Jam Press

Leonel, aged 28 from Maquipo in Mexico, was diagnosed with the condition that means his body produces too much growth hormone when he was 15 years old. He was already 6’6” at that point.

Leonel has been lovingly named by teasing locals as El Chikis, which means the small one.

Image from Jam Press

The gentle giant only started posting on TikTok at the end of December and he has more than 145,000 followers already and one video that has hit more than seven million views.

Leonel started the account to share his daily challenges as a living giant, including how difficult it is to find clothes to fit him. One of his top videos shows him being given a enormous pair of jeans and super-size t-shirts by colleagues as gifts for Christmas.

Image from Jam Press

One follower commented: “I’ll buy you the shoes, just tell me the size and I’ll send them to you!”

Another commented: “This is why I pay for the internet.”