Police Dog Hailed a Hero in Suspect Chase

A police dog is being hailed a hero for her role in chasing down and catching a suspect on the streets of Staffordshire.

Dutch Shepherd Vixen went in pursuit of the suspected felon when he refused to surrender to officers. The man took off and is reported to have discarded Class A drugs as he fled.

The incident happened during a routine patrol in Cannock and eagle-eyed officers spotted the man who was wanted for numerous offences in the area.

Image from Jam Press

PD Vixen managed to slow the suspect down so officers could catch up and arrest him. He was later charged with possession of narcotics.

Staffordshire Police have praised the crime fighting dog’s excellent work in apprehending the suspect.

A spokesperson for the Staffordshire Police reported, “A male was arrested during the night in the Cannock Police area for numerous offenses, including possession of Class A drugs. This was after he attempted to outrun PD Vixen. He didn’t succeed.”

Locals were quick to take to social media to compliment PD Vixen’s work.

Nikki, a resident, said: “Imagine meeting her in a dark alley. You’d want her on your side.”

Mark Slade commented: “Wow, she looks like she means business, great job.”

Howard Wheeler said she didn’t look like she would take any nonsense in the photos shared by Staffordshire police.