Man to Auction Off Bathwater on eBay

A 28-year-old man is selling off his own bathwater on eBay for £15.

Duncan Killick, who lives in London, is flogging the used bathwater to raise money for the charity The Hygiene Bank.

Image from Jam Press

Duncan says that he has started the bidding on the unusual auction items at £15 as this is the amount it costs the charity to provide an adult with basic hygiene essentials. Potential buyers can submit their offers on the Duncan’s special product until tomorrow (Feb 1).

The idea came to Duncan, who is originally from New Zealand, after he saw the film Saltburn and the famous scene when one of the characters drinks his friend’s bath water.

But Duncan, who is a freelance PR creative, told that the buyer can do whatever he or she wants with the bathwater “no questions asked”, his main focus is raising money for the charity and sparking a conversation about the problem of hygiene poverty in the UK.

Image from Jam Press

The Hygiene Bank reported that hygiene poverty effected 6% of adults in the UK in 2022 and three in five of those surveyed said it impacted their mental health.

Duncan said: “When I saw everyone talking about bathwater, I just connected the two together. The most important thing for me is just getting people to actually think about hygiene poverty. So I [thought it was a good idea] to do something a little crazy to actually get people talking about it.