Hundreds of Giant Sea Creatures Descend on Tiny Florida Cove

Hundreds of giant sea cows have flocked to a freshwater spring to keep warm, incredible photos have revealed.

Sea cows are officially known as Manatees – huge, aquatic mammals that have faces similar to seals and are native to Florida.  

Hundreds of these giant sea mammals – measuring 9 to 13 feet long – have gathered in warm and shallow waters in Three Sister Springs in Crystal River.

Image from River Ventures, Crystal River

Local authorities say that the Manatee get together is so they can escape the chilly winter waters. The sea mammals, who are herbivorous, could weigh anything between 1,000 and 3,500 pounds (1,500 kg) and usually head to the warmer Florida waters between November and March.

The spectacular images have been released by Southwest Florida Water Management who filmed the event with a drone. They quickly went viral with 138,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Image from Jam Press

A spokesperson for the water agency said: “Hundreds of manatees have been seeking refuge from the chilly temperatures this week. This is a great demonstration of why the District recently restored the shoreline around Three Sisters Springs.”

He said that manatee and human activity had led to erosion along the shoreline, but the special project should help to improve water quality, allow these manatee gatherings for years to come and increase safety for visitors to the area.

Image from Jam Press

One visitor to the gathering, Ashley, said: “I got the amazing pleasure of swimming with these phenomenal creatures. Lifetime memories.”

A local said: “Love these gentle giants!”