Humpback Whales’ Breathtaking Feeding Routine Caught on Camera

A drone has captured the magnificent feeding routine of two hungry whales in Antarctica.

Videographer and photographer Piet van den Bemd caught the breathtaking scene when the two whales took part in a spectacular synchronised swim while they were implementing the technique of ‘bubble net feeding’.

Image from Jam Press

The extraordinary footage of the two humpback whales was taken in Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica.

Bubble net feeding is when the whales release bubbles from their blow holes to create a type of net around the krill and fish they are preying on. This brings their feed altogether in one place. The whales will then coordinate their movements and approach the haul of fish from underneath with their mouths wide open.

Image from Jam Press

Piet, who used his DJI Mavic 3 Pro drone to gain most of the footage, said he had never seen anything like it. He has shared the incredible shots on his Instagram with more than 18,000 followers (@pietvandenbemd) and the video has already hit more than one million views.

Piet, who is currently on assignment as a polar photographer in Antarctica, said: “It was a moment I absolutely will never forget. I have seen bubble net feeding several times before but never seen such a perfect performance. It is a unique piece of footage of a unique kind of behaviour!”

Image from Jam Press

“What an epic shot! Look at those wonderful creatures,” said follower Marina.

Lucy said: “This is truly magic!”

Dune commented: “This is beautiful.”