Flight Attendant Shares Secrets for Economical Christmas Travel and In-Flight Festivities

Esther Sturrus, a well-versed flight attendant, has divulged several tips for travellers looking to save money and enjoy the holiday season while flying. Her insights are especially valuable for those navigating the busy festive period.

A frequent presence in media for her expertise in the aviation industry, Esther has previously shared insights on various travel topics, from identifying hidden cameras in hotel rooms to optimal packing strategies.

Now, at 22, she offers her top recommendations for festive flying, whether on short or long-haul flights, and even includes tips on enjoying holiday meals mid-flight.

Festive In-Flight Dinners:

Esther points out that many airports and airlines get into the holiday spirit by decorating their facilities and aircraft. She shared with NeedToKnow.co.uk, “Some airlines even offer special holiday-themed meals, bringing a celebratory touch to your journey.”

Smart Packing:

When it comes to packing, Esther advises, “During Christmas, pack all your essentials in a carry-on to breeze through airport crowds quickly.”

Timing Your Arrival:

She emphasizes arriving early to navigate the holiday rush efficiently. “Arriving earlier than usual helps you steer clear of the crowds and relax at your gate,” she suggests.

Carrying the Festive Spirit:

Esther encourages bringing a bit of holiday cheer onboard. “Pack small holiday treats or decorations to start your flight on a festive note.”

Email Your Passport:

A critical safety tip she offers is to email a scan of your passport to yourself. “This is particularly useful if you’re traveling internationally and face the unfortunate event of theft or loss.”

Scoring Cheaper Flights:

Given the expensive nature of holiday travel, Esther recommends using private browsing modes when searching for flights. “Travel sites and airlines often track your visits through cookies, potentially raising prices due to your frequent browsing. Private browsing prevents this tracking. Remember, patience and understanding are key during the busy holiday season.”

Esther, hailing from Rotterdam, has been passionate about the airline industry from a young age. At 16, she pursued an aviation course, eventually joining TUI and later KLM.