Dumpster Diver Made £78,000 from Other People’s Rubbish

A 24-year-old has made more than £78,000 from rescuing and flipping other people’s rubbish.

Jonas Fernandez persuaded his dad to help him rummage through skips in his neighbourhood when he left school after being inspired by a fellow dumpster diver on YouTube. It is now his full-time job.

Image from Jam Press

Jonas said that he was looking for a quick way to make money when he left school and now he has made $100,000 (£78,000) selling items he finds on Facebook Marketplace and eBay.

Jonas, from Chicago, told https://whatsthejam.com/ he would often gift things he found to friends and family, or even give to those who were needy in the local community. He said he did not come from a wealthy family, so he knew what it was like not to have much, that was why he liked to be able to give back as much as he could.

Image from Jam Press

One of his biggest hauls was a skip full of unopened crisps which clocked up more than 7 million views on TikTok.

Jonas has found a vintage handbag that sold for more than £1,000, toys, electronics, gold coins, jewellery and an Olympic medal.

In an extension of his business, Jonas also checks the back of shops to see what has been thrown out.

Image from Jam Press

He warned anyone wanting to give dumpster diving a go to make sure they were aware of their surroundings, to take a torch and to take someone with them for safety.  

Jonas added: “Once trash is put outside, it becomes public domain and anyone can grab it.”