Dubai KFC Reveals Eye-Watering £500 New Year’s Eve Dinner

KFC has announced its eye-watering New Year’s Eve menu in Dubai… for £500.

The pricey deal will feature its classic menu and a view of the Burj Khalifa.

The fast-food giant is offering two dining options for the event: VIP or terrace seating. The packages, priced between £340 (1,599 AED) and £490 (2,299 AED) per person, include 12 pieces of chicken, six wings, a Twister and Zinger burger, popcorn, family-sized fries, cheesecake, and unlimited drinks.

While the cost may seem high and raise eyebrows with many, it aligns with Dubai’s luxury dining standards, especially given the breathtaking view of the world’s tallest building and the chance to watch the New Year fireworks.

Carla (@carlaconwifi) shared this lavish offering on Twitter, captivating her 283,600 followers with the prospect of enjoying KFC in such a unique setting. The post quickly garnered over 247,200 views and 980 likes, sparking mixed reactions about the extravagant pricing.

Jose humorously commented, “If this is the price for KFC, I’d hate to see the bill at a high-end restaurant…”

Another user quipped about opting for “Tap water” instead.

Fabiola remarked, “This is how you say you’re in Dubai, without actually saying it.”

Galy speculated, “The charge isn’t for the chicken; it’s for terrace access, right?”

Meanwhile, another person joked about their preference for just water in light of the high cost.