Dieting Customer Sends Restaurant Hilarious Just Eat Delivery Request

A customer’s special request has left staff at a Middlesbrough takeaway restaurant in stitches.

The hilarious Just Eat order asked the delivery driver to “Knock quietly, I’m supposed to be on a diet”, so they could sneak their takeaway treats into the house.

Image from Jam Press

Owner of Munchies Eston Waseem Banaras was the one who took the secret order for a 9-inch pizza and double chocolate waffle.

Waseem told that the delivery driver followed the instructions to the letter and tiptoed the order to the customer’s house.

Image from Jam Press

He said: “The delivery driver definitely did follow the request. We couldn’t possibly betray the customer’s trust.”

He couldn’t resist posting the receipt including the funny request on Instagram. It was quickly picked up by @‌the_dadclub_ where is generated more than 100,000 likes and 500 comments.

One person said: “That’s exactly something I’d order if I was on a diet.”

Ed commented: “A cheat day is needed every now and then stay strong.”