Cheeky Brit Reveals Controversial Cheese Buying Strategy

A resourceful shopper has revealed his cheese buying strategy to save money at a top UK supermarket.

Sneaky Elliot William has been slammed for his cheese shopping ‘hack’ at Morrison’s when he loads up a container with cheese at the salad bar.

Image from Jam Press

The thrifty 36-year-old, from Preston in Lancashire, squeezes as much cheese into the container as possible and pays £3.50 in a meal deal for his cheese haul, a drink and dessert.

Elliot told “Cheese is one of the most expensive items on the salad bar. It was a social experiment to see how much cheese I could get into the tub.”

Image from Jam Press

He said that 500g of cheese in Morrisons cost £2.80 and he managed to get more cheese jammed into his container than that.

On top of that, Elliot’s other money-saving hack is to choose the most expensive drink as part of the meal deal. He said he loved smoothies, but they were expensive. Alongside his ‘salad’, Elliot chooses the smoothie and a protein yoghurt with the meal deal. Those two items should come to £4, but if the cheese was to cost £2.80 then the other two items only cost 70p with the meal deal.

Image from Jam Press

The controversial move has had a mixed reaction as Elliot shared his experiment with his followers on TikTok. Many saying they would rather pay for non-communal cheese that had not been breathed over.

One follower said: “My friend, this is why we follow you, the research and commitment is unparalleled. We salute you.”

Another said: “This is why there’s never any cheese in the salad bar.”