British Mum Clears £7,000 in Debt with Clever Side Hustles

A British mum’s sofa side hustles have helped her clear £7,000 of debt in less than a year.

Lisa Ebbsworth has generated the cash through work from home opportunities, including online surveys, market research, secret shopping, selling second hand books and recycling for cash.

The mum from Warrington has become an internet sensation, sharing her journey on TikTok.

Image from Jam Press

The 42-year-old told that 21 years after graduating university, she still had £5,500 in student loan debts. With that and a £6,800 car loan, Lisa set herself a goal of paying off the lot within 12 months using side hustles to generate the cash.

Lisa was shocked that so many people were interested in what she was doing and many of her followers on TikTok started signing up for surveys using her referral code. She got 20p for every referral and has made £1,500 with that alone since March.

Lisa has now become the go-to expert on cheeky side hustles as her following has grown to more than 10,000 (@lisamakesmoney) and she is now using her experience and knowledge to make bigger bucks.

She said: “Once I reached 10,000 followers, I was able to apply to the creativity program and get paid for the view on my posts. I’ve had a couple of videos that have had over 1m views and I’ve made around £1,000.”

Image from Jam Press

Lisa has also created other digital products off the back of her side hustle success, including an eBook, which has made her an additional £2,000.

She added: “I’m nine months into this 12-month journey and I’ve just made the final repayment on my student loan. I’ve got £4,000 of my car loan left to pay. I still plan to have the whole thing repaid by the end of March this year, so I have to double down on my efforts but I’m confident that I can make it happen.”

Lisa said her next goal was to be mortgage free.