Artist Turns Stale Bread into a Stunning Home Lighting Collection

A Japanese artist transforms unsold bread into lamps… and they never go mouldy.

Yukiko Morita has found an innovative approach to tackling food waste by creating beautiful and functional lamps from unwanted croissants, loafs, rolls and baguettes.

Yukiko, from Kobe, uses leftover bread from the bakery where she works part-time to create lamps that retail for up to £250.

Image from Jam Press

She said she was upset with how much waste there was at the end of every day and in a moment of inspiration, her unique creations were borne.

The 38-year-old told that she covers the bread in a special anti-mould coating that has taken her 10 years to perfect, so the lamps don’t rot, they last forever.

Image from Jam Press

She said: “First, I purchase bread from the local bakery. Then, I scrape out the inside of it and dry them perfectly. After that, I apply anti-mould treatment and set up the LED lights.”

The whole process takes up to three weeks before the lamps are ready. Initially Yukiko just used the lights as decorative items in her own home or gifted them to friends, but the idea has evolved into an incredible business.

Image from Jam Press

Yukiko shares her creations on Instagram (@pampshade_by_yukikomorita) and now has a following of more than 26,500 people.

In a recent post, she shared a video featuring four baguettes turned into lamps, synchronised to ‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant’ by Harry Styles and clocked up more than 32,000 views.