Argentine Nessie Spotted in Patagonian Lake by Kayakers

Shocked tourists claim to have seen the Argentine version of the Loch Ness Monster.

The two friends are reported to have spotted the black humps of the Nahuelito, which has been labelled the ‘Argentine Nessie, while they were kayaking in a lake in Patagonia.

Nahuelito, which like Nessie has also been named after the lake it lives in – Nahuel Huapi Lake. It was first spotted more than 100 years ago. The latest sighting is one of many over the years, though its existence has never been scientifically proven.

Image from Jam Press

The beast is said to look like a giant serpent or a prehistoric dinosaur such as a plesiosaur. The tourists who spotted the monster last week were enjoying sunset on the lake when they noticed unusual activity in the distance and started filming.

One of the witnesses, named Manuel, told local media: “We kept a safe distance as we didn’t know what it was, but it was very big and moving quickly. Soon afterwards, it submerged and we didn’t see it again.”

Manuel, from Neuquén, said he couldn’t say exactly what it was, just that it was huge.