Try This Special Method to Declutter Your Life

Is your home feeling cluttered and disorganized? It’s easy for messes to multiply, making it difficult to find the motivation to tackle them. That’s where the “5 Things Tidying Method” comes in. It was developed by KC Davis, a licensed professional counselor and founder of the mental health platform Struggle Care.The method is a proven way to declutter without feeling completely overwhelmed and stressed.

You’ll learn all about the “5 Things Tidying Method” and how it can help you remedy your own space. Say goodbye to clothes strewn across the floor, dishes piled high, and cluttered countertops. With this simple and effective method, you’ll be able to tidy up your home in no time.

What Is This Method?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the mess in your home, the “5 Things Tidying Method” might be just what you need. This method is especially helpful for those who struggle with ADHD or mental health issues. The idea is simple: focus on clearing up only five categories of things, and nothing else. These categories are trash, laundry, dishes, things that have a place, and things that don’t have a place.


To start, grab a gallon bag and scan the space for any trash you can dispose of. Fill the bag with anything that you can toss, such as snack wrappers, juice boxes, napkins, and other similar items. This step helps you avoid getting overwhelmed by tackling one category at a time.


Next, scoop up any stray laundry and put it in its rightful place, the hamper. This step helps you avoid decision fatigue and creates a starting point for feeling less stressed.


Corral all dirty plates, cups, and silverware into the sink. Remember, the goal is not to carry out every task to completion during this process, but rather to create a starting point for tidying up.

Things That Have a Place

Put away things that have a rightful place, such as clean clothes in the closet, pencils and pens on your desk, and books on the shelf.

Things That Don’t Have a Place

Finally, put things that don’t have a place in a pile in a corner of the room. These items can be anything from donation bin items to Amazon returns. You can deal with them later when you’re prepared, or try finding a place for them if you feel ready.

Using the “5 Things Tidying Method” can help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your space. By breaking down the process into five simple categories, you can tackle your mess one step at a time.

Why the “5 Things Tidying Method” Works

The “5 Things Tidying Method” is an effective approach to tidying up your space. It works by breaking down your tasks into manageable chunks, which helps to eliminate feelings of shame and overwhelm. By focusing on completing just five tasks each day, you can avoid burnout and maintain a sustainable cleaning routine over time.

According to the creator of the method, self-kindness is a crucial component to success. By letting go of the need for perfection and practicing self-compassion, you can challenge critical messages and relieve distress. This approach allows you to develop a compassionate inner dialogue, which is essential for maintaining motivation and energy.

The “5 Things Tidying Method” is based on the idea that cleaning is morally neutral. Nobody is a failure for not completing household tasks, and shame is not a productive motivator. By eliminating shame and focusing on achievable goals, you can create a home that feels comfortable and welcoming.

The method is designed to be approachable and sustainable over time. It doesn’t wear you out in the moment or overburden you with too many tasks. Instead, it provides a manageable framework that allows you to stay on top of your cleaning without feeling overwhelmed.

The “5 Things Tidying Method” works because it prioritizes self-kindness, eliminates shame, and breaks down tasks into manageable chunks. It’s a sustainable approach that can help you maintain a tidy home without feeling burnt out or overwhelmed.