Thrift Expert Reveals How Tin Foil Can Cut Heating Bills

Money savvy Claire Douglas has shared a heating hack to help homeowners save this winter… using tin foil.

Home interior expert Claire, from Tunbridge Wells, has created a DIY homemade radiator reflector to maximise heating in her house and ultimately save on her heating bill.

Claire, aged 40, who shares tips and hacks with her 28,000 followers on social media (@clairedouglasstyling), said the invention worked a treat to reduce heat loss, but it didn’t look very appealing.

The trick is to take a sheet of foil and stick it to a strip of self-adhesive vinyl and then place it behind the radiator. She said that wrapping the foil around a piece of card might make it easier to place the foil behind the radiator.

Image from Jam Press

Claire told that she had noticed a huge improvement in heat when testing this method, and particularly in the bedrooms where the radiators were fitted to an external wall.

She said: “I know you can buy specialist radiator foil panels, but they aren’t cheap, and regular readers will know that I much prefer employing creative and money-saving techniques wherever possible.”

Claire said that after some research on her method she had calculated a 2-5% saving on annual bills, which equated to £50 to £125.