Latest Summer Weight Loss Campaign Revealed, But This One Could Be A Game Changer

Our resident nutritionist Helen Barklam takes a look at the latest weight loss campaign. Could this one really work in the long term?

The latest summer weight loss campaign has been revealed and it is like nothing you have seen before… using light therapy!

While I am often skeptical of fad diets and the latest weight loss trend, this approach is scientifically backed up, it is safe, you are not starving yourself or doing some crazy detoxing, and people are getting remarkable results.

US health tech company LifeWave has created a wearable phototherapy technology, using patches to change how the body functions at cellular level. The patches are non-transdermal, which means nothing passes through the skin, so there are no interactions with medications. They are activated by the light that is given off by our bodies. This light reflects off the patch and back into the body, activating special peptides. There is a range of patches, each does something slightly different – from stem cell regeneration to increasing the output of energy.

A combination of three patches is being showcased by brand ambassadors to change the way the body works to support weight loss. It has been dubbed “Patch Me Slim” in a special summer weight loss campaign. It is a really interesting concept and the combination of the patches makes so much sense.

X49 has been clinically proven to reduce fat mass. SP6 Complete has been clinically proven to balance hormones and the metabolism. SP6 also helps with suppressing the appetite naturally. It will also help to rebalance the gut. This is so important. If the gut is not working properly, then you won’t lose weight. This is something that is either not known by many or ignored in other weight loss campaigns.

And finally, the Glutathione patch. This is a powerful antioxidant. Did you know that fat holds on to toxins to stop them from being metabolised in the body? It is protecting us. If the fat is holding on to the toxins, the fat isn’t going anywhere. Glutathione gets rid of those toxins and frees up the fat to be burned off. It makes so much sense! It also helps to explain why so many people don’t lose the weight they want and keep it off by dieting all the time.

The combination of these three patches addresses the key areas for successful weight loss. The power of these patches is they are actually changing the body at cellular level for the better. This allows people who have spent years yoyo dieting to get off the horrendous rollercoaster and start getting results they can maintain because they are changing the way their bodies are physiologically functioning. These patches, in combination with a balanced diet, are a fascinating addition to the weight loss market. If I am being honest, they are a breath of fresh air and the change that is needed in the industry. The neverending dangerous fads and confusing claims are doing real damage to the health of so many women and men across the world.