How to Shed 11% Body Fat Without Changing the Way You Eat

Our in-house nutritionist Helen Barklam takes a look at an incredible study that could change the way people lose weight and transform their health and fitness… using phototherapy patches.

Many of us are always looking for the next best way to lose weight. Do you feel like you have tried everything? Weight loss clubs, cleanses, fasting, high protein, cutting carbs, low fat? The truth is none of these work in the long term. All of them disrupt your metabolism in some way and we are never going to lose weight and keep it off for good if our metabolism isn’t working correctly.

Now, doctors and scientists have uncovered a way to shed a 11% body fat in two months in independent clinical studies… without even changing the way you eat.

The study involved assessing phototherapy, or also known as light therapy, patches and the results were incredible.

These fascinating patches from the US health tech company LifeWave are non-transdermal, which means no substances pass through the skin. They are activated by the light that is given off by our bodies. This light reflects off the patch and back into the body, activating special peptides. The combination of the two patches – called X39 and X49 – reactivates our own stem cells, helps with the detoxification of heavy metals and toxins from our bodies and increases the body’s ability to metabolise fat.

Of course, as a nutritionist I would always recommend that everyone starts by looking at their diet and exercise regimes if they need to lose weight – small portions every few hours throughout the day, with every meal containing some sort of healthy protein. This is what stabilises the metabolism. But having a kick start is what most people need to give them the motivation to go for it. If there is something to give us a little helping hand that is clinically proven, natural and harmless – and has such incredible results – then it is certainly worth a look.

Study participants also showed incredible improvements in their ability to be able to burn more calories, reduce their heart rate and exercise for longer.

Psychologically, if we can lose some weight, it will change our mindset to they whole weight loss and fitness journey. We will feel more confident. We will feel motivated by having achieved results. It is then we are more likely to take a closer look at our eating and exercise habits and make some changes. We are going to be more likely to make positive changes with a more positive outlook. Getting results spurs us on to do more and more. It appears that using the light therapy patches alongside a balanced diet and doing some exercise is a winning combination.

And if it means getting some initial results before you can get excited about changing diet and exercise regimes, then so be it.