Pop Star and Luxury Fashion Brand Launch a Designer Sandwich Bag

Singing superstar Pharell Williams has become the butt of fashion jokes after revealing his latest line for Louis Vuitton… which looks like a packed lunch.

Fans have poked fun at the Happy singer after the new £2,460 Louis Vuitton man bag was revealed – the same colour and design as a bag used for takeaway sandwiches.

Image from Jam Press

The designer clutch bag for men has no handle, is folded over at the top and secured with what looks like blue duct tape. It is even called ‘The Sandwich Bag’. The man bag is the part of the singer’s very first collection for the luxury brand.

Williams was named creative director for the French fashion house back in February last year and fans have been waiting almost a year for his very first line.

The 30 x 27 x 17cm man bag is made of cowhide leather and had ‘Louis Vuitton’ emblazoned on the front with the date the luxury fashion brand was founded underneath.

Image from Jam Press

Cassidy Jenny joked: “What happens when my pasta sauce explodes in there?”

Adam Chan said: “You mean rich people bring packed lunches?”

Another person joked: “Is this microwave safe?”