£95 envelope revealed as part of the new Hermès stationery range

The iconic French luxury brand Hermès has been ridiculed for the price tag on its new line of office supplies, including one single envelope for £95.

The designer brand, which is famous for its Birkin bags, has revealed its eye-watering range of stationery. Other items in the collection include a paperweight worth £4,200 and a leather pencil case for £435.

Image from Jam Press

The envelope priced at nearly £100 is said to be available in A4 and A5, is resusable and is delivered to customers wrapped in silk. Those in the market for what must be one of the most expensive envelopes in the world, can’t even choose the colour. Hermès says it is a surprise for customers.

Paperweight – Image from Jam Press

The paperweight is 16cm in the shape of knight chess piece, and covered in brown lambskin.

Hermès have also revealed a £950 empty photo album as part of the range.

Desk Pencil Case – Image from Jam Press

Fashions commentators have been bemused by the new collection.

Hannah joked: “So if the envelope is reusable, do I just ask the person I sent it to to give it back?”

Rem said: “The worst part is, I know damn well people have bought these.”

Another person said: “They’re rlly spoiling us this holiday season.” [sic]